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Workforces are checking out

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Workforces are checking out. Overwhelmed by accelerating societal and economic challenges, burnout is on the rise, and engagement is on the decline. Creating and cultivating a workplace culture where your people and business flourish. That’s the biggest challenge facing leaders today.

managers reporting burnout
1 %
higher attrition from toxic cultures
1 x
eNPS through wellbeing initiatives
1 %
roles automated by 2028
1 %


Partnered with the world’s thought leaders in culture transformation and workplace wellbeing

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About Us


High performance leadership. Transforming ways of working. Inclusion as the DNA of an organisation. Wellbeing at the core of everything we do. An experiment that turned into a movement, Transform Perform revolutionises workplace cultures so that organisations and their people create contagiously positive change. 


Empower. Ignite. Revitalise. Energise. Augment. Adocate.

Our flywheel programmes coach human skills that take individual personal development and scalable, organisation wide transformation to the next level through contagiously positive change.

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The foundational flywheel. Investing in the three pillars of wellbeing – physical, mental and social to build the best version of you. Fuel up your rocket and get ready to take on the world. 

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Defining and aligning with your purpose is the game changing flywheel that drives momentum regardless of your situation, challenges and obstacles. Priorities, boundaries, and meaning, this course will get you right on track. 

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Designed to be delivered at all levels of your workforce, this nine module programme covers topics from core values and purpose to stakeholder management, nurturing network and developing adaptability as a skill.

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Never have there been so many demands on the energy and cognitive load of managers, and many have not been equipped with the tools needed to be great leaders while developing resilience against burnout. 

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The future is coming faster than you think. Harness the power of technology by empowering yourself with the skills to leverage them and amplify your impact. 

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The flywheel skills of transformation. For those looking to lead change at all scales and levels, whether leading teams, workforces, or simply in your personal relationships.

Thought leadership, tips and tricks from a team living and breathing the reality of high performance and transformation, every day.


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