4,000 weeks

Short and sweet

Well that’s one description that could be applied to life. If you work on the sweet part. 

It’s certainly how this post will pan out, as we’re about to discover just how little time there is. 

The ‘average’ human [yet to meet one] in the developed world will live between 4,000-4,700 weeks. That may seem like a lot, until you consider the ‘average’ reader of this post has already clocked over 2,000 of them.


The trouble is, you think you have time.

Make every week count

Look back on the week that’s just been. Probably a pretty standard week, right? Got a little frustrated at work, managed to make it to the gym or the tennis court a couple of times, drank a couple too many one night, made it back for bed time as much as possible, looking forward to not setting the alarm at the weekend…

Now consider, if that were your last week, what would you have done differently? If next week was your last week, what would you be investing your time and energy in?

Who would you call?

Who would you apologise to/forgive/tell them you love them?

What would you stop doing? 

Who would you be spending your time with?

I hope you have many more weeks than the ‘average’ person left to clock off. But live each one as though you don’t and what a life you’ll have. 

If you’re interested in a quick read on just how to define and implement the life you want, where every week counts, check out my new book Life Is Short – it’s basically the high five in kindle format for 10 x tips, tricks and tools to building a better you. One more item ticked off the Bradford bucket list…

Until next time take care, stay safe and be kind 🙌

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