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An experiment that turned into a movement, Transform Perform revolutionises workplace cultures and organisational health, empowering your people to create contagiously positive change.

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Engage Your People

In today’s evolving working environment, engaging our people has never been so critical to a firm’s survival. Attrition, disengagement, reputational challenges absorb energy that could be spent on innovation, relationship building and customer service excellence. Building a culture in which people feel connected to your purpose and to each other is a competitive advantage in every industry, across every market, in every geography. Through modular programmes spanning culture diagnostics, employee wellbeing, coaching programmes and AI led upskilling, Transform Perform can help you transform your culture to be one of engagement, inclusion and high performance. 

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Evaluating organisational health and defining interventions to revitalise cultures

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Supporting your leadership and management teams to deliver next level performance

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Helping your people thrive through our tried and tested, fully scalable Coaching Circles programme

Keynote speaking

Having spent 20 years working across three continents, firms spanning HSBC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and SWIFT, Liz Bradford has first hand experience in driving operational excellence, people engagement and technology transformation across teams of 10,000+ in 14 countries, and leading employee resource groups of c.50,000 globally. Having founded Transform Perform in 2020 while maintaining her C-suite role in financial services she can relate to both big business and small business challenges. An ICF accredited organisational and executive coach and a qualified personal trainer, Liz regularly speaks on the topics of psychological security, inclusion, managing leadership burnout, and revitalising cultures to delivery next level performance.

"Without healthy cultures, organisations cannot thrive. Psychological security, inclusion and wellbeing are the foundation on which high performance cultures are built. Our mission is to help leaders take performance to the next level and beyond."
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Thought leadership on mental and physical wellbeing – both individual and organisational

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How to generate high levels of engagement regardless of location

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Identifying and nurturing diverse talent to build the leadership pipeline of the future