Our flywheel programmes coach human skills that take individual personal development and scalable, organisation wide transformation to the next level through contagiously positive change.

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Drive your personal momentum

Our diagnostic helps prioritise the skills that will have the biggest impact on your very own flywheel capabilities. Find out which flywheel skills will drive your personal momentum and amplify your impact. 


For individuals as much as organisations, this is the the foundational flywheel. Investing in the three pillars of wellbeing – physical, mental and social to build the best version of you. Managing our energy and building the core skills that build resilience is the best investment of our time. It changes how we show up, what the world sees, and most importantly of all, taps us into huge stores of energy. Fuel up your rocket and get ready to take on the world.

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Purpose led people drive real change in the world. All too often we find ourselves living the life someone else designed for us. Defining and aligning with your purpose is the game changing flywheel that drives momentum regardless of your situation, challenges and obstacles. Meaning, priorities and boundaries, this course will get you right on track. Sign up to define what makes you unique, and how you can tap into that to transform and perform at your optimum level.


Democratising the benefits of talent programmes, unleashing the potential of people at all levels in organisations this programme has been rated 9/10 by thousands of empowered employees. Including the flywheel skills of core values, proactively seeking feedback for growth, managing team dynamics and interpersonal relationships with empathy, building network and a personal board of directors, this one’s a game changer for individuals and organisations – empower yourself, empower your people. 

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Never have there been so many demands on the energy and cognitive load of managers, and many have not been equipped with the tools needed to be great leaders while developing resilience against the burnout of themselves and their teams. This programme covers the flywheel skills of developing authenticity as a leader, coaching for performance, empathetic leadership, mastering communication, managing conflict and the complexities of hybrid teams. Sign up to drive momentus change and build organisational health. 


The future is coming faster than you think. Harness the power of technology by empowering yourself with the skills to leverage them and amplify your impact. This programme covers how to leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence tooling such as ChatGPT, developing the next level flywheel skills of building great prompts, building great personas, and embracing augmentation. The jobs and workplaces of the future are transforming, sign up to augment your performance to ultimate performance. 

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The flywheel skills of transformation. For those looking to lead change at all scales and levels, whether leading teams, workforces, or simply in your personal relationships. This programme covers influencing, negotiation, when to call for evolution and when to call for revolution. If we want to drive meaningful change there are many perspectives and many ways to have an impact. Learn when to flex which muscles, and how to manage your energy, time and wellbeing along the way. One for all the changemakers out there, sign up to amplify your impact. 

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