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Why learning is everyone’s business

Things are changing more rapidly than they’ve ever changed before. Yet this is the slowest pace of change we will experience going forward in our lifetimes. 

In today’s fast paced digital era, staying updated through continuous learning is more critical than ever. With rapidly changing tech advancements, evolving job landscapes, and the global economy’s demands, adopting a mindset of constant growth and adaptability is paramount to our success. 

Oh, and it makes us more resilient, better humans in a time when being human is really our only advantage. 


Time to get out of our comfort zones

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Benefits of continuous learning 

There are many, but the key ones are: 

  • Adapting to technological change: as industry practices evolve, skills that were once essential can become obsolete. Rather than burying our heads in the sand, it’s worth looking at the transferrable skills, the human skills, and the new digital skills we can develop to stay in the game. 
  • Achieving personal growth: beyond career advantages, continuous learning brings about personal satisfaction, challenged conventional thinking, and nurtures innate curiosity. Makes. Us. Better. Humans.
  • Boosting problem solving skills: expanding knowledge across diverse areas enhances critical thinking, gets us comfortable with not being the expert from the outset, and offers innovative solutions to complex challenges. Our progress builds our self-efficacy and our self-esteem. Which makes us more likely to take on new challenges.   

So how to go about it? 

Going high five old school, here are three top tips to get you going: 

  1. Define achievable learning objectives: knowing your end goal keeps motivation high. Whether it’s mastering a new language (also good for fending off dementia in our older years), or understanding digital industry trends, set clear benchmarks and celebrate milestones. We’ve talked a lot about goal setting if you want to dig deeper. 
  2. Incorporate learning daily: make education a daily habit. From educational podcasts on your commute to informative articles during breaks, ensure you’re always soaking up new knowledge. Consistency is the bridge to mastery. 
  3. Engage with online learning communities: digital platforms offer a plethora of learning communities. Engage, share, discuss, an deepen your understanding by interacting with peers. These communities can also provide valuable resources and insights. 
I’ve focussed on digital here, purely as it’s changing our world’s so rapidly and there’s a lot of fear out there, but whatever you choose to focus on for your continuous growth you’ll get huge benefits.
The key is to keep learning, keep pushing ourselves, and keep getting out of our comfort zones. Most of us can’t stay outside of our comfort zone indefinitely, then it becomes a panic zone (hello burnout), but by regularly stretching and then giving ourselves time to metabolise our new skills and knowledge, our comfort zones expand. This leads to greater confidence, increased adaptability, and your superpower, evolution. 

Until next time take care, stay safe and be kind 🙌

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